Monday, February 18, 2008


Sometimes it's fun drawing during the late hours of the evening, especially on a holiday weekend, not worrying about waking up on time, so you just draw. Picked up some different types of papers today at a nearby art supply store and the one I tried using that you see here was difficult to work with. It's a piece with a lot of struggles, but here you have it, with all the blemishes.

P.S. And yes, Resident Evil is a guilty pleasure movie of mine. Alice kicks ass!


mark covell said...

Best one yet!

Anonymous said...

Gross!!!! And I mean that in the best way possible!!!! You've done it again Joe, Great work!!


Dominic Polcino said...

Like I said to you in person, I think this movie character thing is a great series. The border really makes it original too. I hope to see more!

Keith Conroy said...

Thanks for your comment!
These pieces are great! I especially like the way this one turned out, different papers and materials can produce great and sometimes unexpected results, I like the slight use of red/purple on her lips, subtle yet stands out...great work!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff bro.


Chema Paz BernĂ³ said...

Wow!! I like very much your pictures!! I don´t know to explain very well in English but I think that tour techniche with the pencil is wonderful :)