Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Expression Study

The family and I are planning on heading out today, to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. One of the things I've learned having a family is to know that you've got to make time for your family besides your art, and that familly always comes first, so that makes art number two on the list. Strangely enough, I think the life experiences that you gain from having a family only helps to richen your creativity in your art. But it's something that I've been juggling with the last couple of years. Any of you artists out there feel this way? Speaking of feeling, this tonal sketch does not represent my own mood I'm in today, but I'm sure we've all felt like him one time or another. Have a great day guys!


EL GRANDE said...

Nice image. Great emotion.

Joe y Elio

Joseph Lee said...

Thanks Joe and Elio! Will try to do more of these studies in the future.

Anonymous said...

You really ought to see about doing more depressing stuff. For some reason, that darkness brings out the best in you. Just don't cut off your ear.


Shawn Crystal said...

Joseph, you hit the nail on the head with the family stuff. I am also trying to juggle. It's hard but the experiences the family gives you makes you a stronger artists. To be an artist is to live, not to stay holed up in a studio alone. Observe and live!

billygoose said...

fantastic, i really like the expression you captured in this piece! especially in the chin.