Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Morgan Spurlock

I was recently commissioned by Joni Rubin, publicist extraordinaire in providing a painting of one her friends, Morgan Spurlock, as a surprise gift. She had seen the Cleveland "Blade" painting I had done that was in Mike Henry's office, and wanted me do a piece similar in that style. And she also thought of keeping the whole "Blade" theme for Morgan as well. I've been a big fan of Mr. Spurlock since his documentary film, "Super Size Me", and was totally excited to work on the painting. Initially this piece was to be monochromatic and in watercolors similar in style to the Cleveland piece, but when I started to do the initial pencils to the piece, I just felt it needed strong colors to really sell Morgan's spirit and energy, so I decided to try something different as far as technique and medium choice. (Size of the piece: Approx. 15" x 20" on illustration board. Medium: Acrylics)


Mirella said...

Cool!! have a merry Christmas and happy new year!!!

TH3DEN said...

AHHH Your killin' me with these awesome pieces! Love the civil war post.

Yuna said...

Joseph Oppa!

I'm watching family guy and your name flashed during the credits ("Brian Writes a Bestseller") and I just screeched out loud! And then I immediately started looking for you or eunha unnie on facebook but there are a million Joseph/Susan Lee's. :( so I googled and here you are! (kind of cool yet scary all at once)

Hope all is well in California and say hi to unnie, Regina, and Aiden for me!!!


marco's blog said...

That's so great. Love everything on the blog man!