Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hellboy Study

Hello bloggers! In the last few months, I've really been fascinated with more direct and traditional painting techniques and have beeen doing mostly studies at nights coming home from work. With really only an hour or two left to spare, I'd quickly get setup in the studio and go at it. It's really quite liberating just doing something creatively and technically different from the stuff you're used to doing during the day, so it's been really theraputic for me. There hasn't been much time for posting as you guys have noticed from the lack of posts since Dec of last year. In order to keep this site alive, I've decided to put up some of these studies. It's more direct in the application of paint than what I'm used to doing so it's been really fun jumping out of my comfort zone. A few lines suggesting composition and size initially and then it's just a pure application of color, value and edges, and refining as I go. I found it frustrating not having any solid underdrawing to work with, because you're constantly juggling with keeping solid form and structure on top of everything else. But this method also has been really relaxing to me, only thinking about color spots and nothing else but the pure application of wet paint. This one was painted on a masonite board that was left over from a larger piece used to ship some artwork and thought it could at least be used for something instead of letting it go to waste. I did a couple of these and I'll post more soon. Size: 20" x 10" approx. Medium: Acrylics


ARI said...

Great study, awesome one

Peter Breese said...

Really dig it! Must have been a challenge without an under drawing. I've also been trying to go without one and it's driving me nutz, I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to my ink work.

Pere said...

I love this, very fresh!