Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Luke's Journey

It was bound to happen. Got that feeling for another run at the Star Wars universe. Saw Episode IV last weekend on Spike tv and got inspired to do a piece. Damn that's a great movie! Never gets old. Ever. I've been doing illustrations in the morning, and I find it actually helps me get mentally ready for the day ahead. So I worked on this one last week. I find the studio in my room lights much better in the morning with natural light, so I tend to want to work on pieces earlier in the day. Plus I'm not in that tired mode after a long day of work and having to do ink illustrations after ain't cool. I sprayed some fixative on the piece this morning and it goes into my done pile. Thanks for checking out the piece guys! (Medium: Inks and acrylics. Size: ~11"x 17" on Crescent illustration board.)


marco's blog said...

Damn dude! This is fantastic!

Desiree said...

OoooOOO So cool! I love star wars so kudos on the sweet skills and the sweet topic!
Btw, thats awesome that you work on Family Guy - I like that show a lot! I was an animator on the first season of Bob's Burgers and spent many a Sunday nights watching Simpsons, Bobs and Family guy :)