Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Fraggin' Time!

Thank you guys for the really cool comments! There are a lot of new bloggers that have stopped by, and I promise to visit your sites! It's really cool to see this whole network of amazing artists out there workin' you know? Pretty sweet. Finished this colored piece last night, in the middle of the dining room, alone, the whole family asleep. (Not a creature was stirring....you get the idea.) It's a pretty introverted process, this whole drawing thing. But I guess most people consider me quite introverted, so I guess it works out. ;) Drawing taps me into my childhood experiences, I guess, closer than anything. It brings me back to memories of me sitting there as a kid in the middle of a dining table coming up with dreams. It's a pretty cool feeling. Anyways, enough of the babbling. Gotta get to work. Here's to more drawings guys! Cheers!