Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dark Knight

Hello Bloggers! It's been awhile since my last post and I guess the only thing I can say about that is I've been absolutely swamped with work and life. Sides' starting up a new season of Family Guy, I've been blessed, but pressured at the same time into getting my work done as quickly as ever with the coming of a new child in the Lee family. I'm absolutely excited nursing my child at home the last few weeks and enjoying the bonding time with the family. In between feedings, I've managed to, with bleary eyes, sketch away a few things by the table, just to keep some creativity going. It's not much, but something to keep the bloggin love alive till the next post. And I want to give a special thanks to Joe Vaux and Andi Klein for the sweet supportive calls that I haven't been able to return, unfortunately, and the studio for all their support. Hope you all are doing fantastically with the holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family Guy "JOB"

Hello bloggers! I know I haven't posted anything in awhile since getting back into work mode. It's not a great excuse I know, but things have been absolutely hectic in the studio. I do aim to get back into sketching stuff outside of work again, but there's only so many hours in a day. I see some amazing creative individuals out there that can work and go home and pump out amazing work and I envy those people no doubt. This was a piece that I contributed to the seasonal Family Guy art gallery held here in the studio. The theme was "Masters in Fine Art". I chose Alphonse Mucha's "JOB" and put my "Family Guy" spin to it. The medium to this piece was with Acrylics and ink. I had a fun time working on it and the event was absolutely a blast. It's a really cool thing to kind of cross that boundary at work and do something a bit more "artsy". It's an awesome event that I look forward to every time they have one. Until the next post bloggers! Have a great week!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wolverine in Vegas

Hey gang! Hope you guys are having a terrific creative week out there. Been relaxing in Las Vegas the last two days, getting a little bit of extra r&r relaxing in the pool and hitting the slots before heading back to work next week. Our family stayed at the Luxor hotel, and had a really great time there. Came in to the hotel room last night absolutely broke from the slots, penniless and depressed, thinking to myself why I was so incapabale of making any good moves in the bonuses that could have given me instead of 75, like 2000. Sigh. So depressed was I, that I grabbed a little notepad by the bed and with a hotel pen started doodling, just to stop thinking about the money I lost. If you notice on the upper left hand corner, there is a 9 to 7 written on it with some scribbles. That's my wife writing some info down while talking with the front desk. But all in all it was a heck of a lot of fun up there and feel refreshed mentally to get back into work mode again. See ya all in the next post!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Luke Skywalker: Tonals

Here's a scan of the preliminary pencil sketch of the painting I posted below. I used some ink washes for some dark shadows but it was mostly me hunched over the dining table, for a long time noodling pencil hatchings one after another. There were some hatching effects that got lost in the scan around the sun but it was good enough for the purpose of just having it as reference for the next stage of coloring it. I know, it's pretty wasteful cause a lot of this stuff just gets covered up. I guess I push this stage a bit farther for no reason except to just see as close as possible how it would look at the end. Not a really smart painter's mentality unfortunately. Sigh. I originally intended on this piece being a big poster piece with some extra images to support the composition, but it all came down to time. I only had a few hours and that's as far as I could go without being kicked out of the house. ;) Now that I've got the Star Wars bug out of me, I wonder what I should delve into next... Have a great week bloggers!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Action Comics #1

Morning Bloggers! Came back from a crazy weekend at the San Diego Comic con with the family. It was good to meet some friends and artists, and occasional celebrities like Jon Favreau in front of the uber cool Iron Man suits talking about the next movie, all in one giant room! Awesome. I'm not sure the wife really dug it though, and it's understandable. With the claustraphobia from millions of people packed into a tiny square footage, and nothing but comics and superheroes bombarding you whereever you go, you'd have to be really into that or you won't be having a good time. She was a good sport in just following me around the convention, just doing my geeky thing. Next year, I might have to book a hotel room for her to stay in while I attend. Gotta put that on my list. So this piece was a painting I did for our quarterly Family Guy art show with a theme, "Greatest Moments in History". And the only thing that stuck out in my mind was Action Comics #1.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Logan 3: What I'll be feeling like on that freeway tonight...

Believe it or not guys, as much of a fan as I am of Logan(as you can tell by the number of posts recently), I have not seen the new movie yet. Not because of the reviews, but because I simply haven't had the time. And when there is time, I've been inclined to watch a movie with my wife and daughter, and I don't think Wolverine is on the top of their list. Sigh. Someday. I'm totally amped about the 4th of July weekend as everyone of you guys I'm sure are, but I'm not lookin' forward to that drive on the freeway tonight on the way home. My wife was kind of enough to let me borrow her IPod which is holdin' a ton of cool little podcasts, so hopefully I can retain some kind of sanity during my 2 hour drive back.(I'm guesstimatin'). And there goes my last attempt of the week into the world of toonboom storyboard pro sketchin' for postin'. Thanks bloggers for checkin' out the site as always and have a safe and a kick ass holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Do you guys remember this character back in the day? I don't really remember the story, but I do remember this cool looking design. I have no idea why I was thinking of the guy today, but I decided to use the toonboom program again to do a sketch and here is the product. No where near the coolness of the real book(if you guys get a chance take a look at the intricate artwork from that book. Simply amazing), but it was fun just doodling away, kind of that satisfaction of sketching in the back of class, oblivious to what the teacher was saying, but so tuned in at the same time. Know what I mean? Take care guys!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adam Strange

Toonboom has been a really cool software that's been great for drawing storyboards, but recently, I've just been doodling whenever time allows at the office, trying to sketch my own stuff, things that I would normally do in my sketchbook you know? It looks a bit clunky and the rendering is choppy since I'm using non-textured brushes, which means that it's like drawing with a sharpie. There are textured brushes that look more like pencils, but it just seems to slow the whole program down with the file size, so I've been avoiding it. As far as subject, Adam Strange. What more is there to say except that this character just ROCKS! Hope to do more of a finished piece with this guy in the future. Two posts in one week? Who would have thought! Take care guys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Things have been normalizing a bit at the office, meaning the deadlines aren't by the minute as it was the last few weeks, so life has been good. I had a few minutes alone with my nifty cool toonboom program on my cintiq, so I doodled this one with a few minutes to spare before a meeting. Wacky looking, but it was fun doing something stylistically different with the program than the normal daily duties. And don't ask me what he's holding onto there. I have no clue. Hope you bloggers are having an awesome week! Until the next post!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Finally a chance to post! Hope all of you have been well. I'm always trying to aim toward posting a bit more cosistantly, but with the hefty workload at the office and coming home exhausted and with only an hour or 2 before bedtime to spare, I've been opting lately toward spending it with the wife and daughter reading and watching movies. Yesterday though, I had a chance one late night do some doodling and I grabbed this warped out cardboard backing for one of my daughters' drawing pad. The character Deadman has always fascinated me cause, honestly I really don't know what the whole thing about him is. All I know is that the dude looked so freakin' cool I always kept him as a character in mind to draw someday. It wasn't easy, I'll tell ya, trying to draw with the cardboard flexing one way and the other, and the texture of the paper...let's put it this way, don't know if I'll go through that path again. But it was fun. Slapped some crude crayon finish over the pens and there you have it. Hopefully I'll get to do a more finished piece for the guy when chance allows. Peace!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weapon X

Morning bloggers! Thanks to those of you that have come by the site and left the uber nice comments! Things were slowly returning to regular mode at work, but then through some scheduling changes the deadline pressure is on again. Came home last night and was thinking about the Wolverine movie that came out this weekend I so desperately want to see, and sat down and began a sketch of a Weapon X image. Before I knew it, I started to ink the piece and dabbled a little color here an there. A bit crude, but it was fun drawing Logan again. Thanks guys for checking out the site and have a great week!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Captain America

Happy Easter bloggers! It's really nice sitting at home and finally getting a little breather for a couple of days. Got a chance to be alone for a few hours, so I immediately jumped into my drawing table and decided to finally do something original to post rather than posting something I did 20 years ago. ;) You constantly hear in the news the challenges our country is facing and immediately I felt creatively drawn to paint ol' Cap. I feel that if we as a country have "Captain America" in our hearts we can get through it stronger than ever. This one was painted on Bristol, with pen, acrylics and watercolours. Have a great week guys!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wasted stage...

Morning bloggers! Things are just absolutely hectic in life, working at the office, juggling overlapping shows and retaining some kind of family life in the process. You guys ever feel that sensation of never having enough time for any one thing? Sigh. Gonna have to make this post quick, cause I gotta run out with my daughter to the park who's been ever so patient with her dad sitting in front of a monitor doing apparently nothing. ;)

So this piece is a tonal pass I did for the Iron Man painting this year. I know a lot of comic artists do a much quicker pass at this process during their penciling process to nail down the placement of blacks in their composition. For me, it also dictates the saturation level of the final painting. I guess with photoshop, you can do this all in one pass, but I'm still old school about my own personal work and I want to keep it that way for now. Compositionally, it's a derivative of the Family Guy piece you saw earlier, so it's nothing that different than what you've seen. I'd like to do more Iron Man pieces in the future, maybe a Stewie Iron Man or a Peter Iron Man? Ha! Could be kinda funny. What do you guys think?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Process 2: The Tonals

Man the week went by fast! Lots of people are revisiting the site and leaving cool comments so thanks a lot bloggers! So here I am again on Sat morning thinking about what I should post...hmmm....well since the topic of the last two have been about "the process", I guess I'll just continue in that direction for now. The most important element to me in a painting is value. And executing a very clearly thought out tonal plan for a painting really frees me up in finishing a painting. The values have already placed some sort of a "parameter", so to speak, of what the color should be. That was a mouthful. I wonder if that made sense. Well, color is composed of a couple of qualites as you guys know already, hue, value, and intensity. When you get value kind of worked out, and with the type of painting I do, to a certain extent intensity, you're well on your way to getting some color that people won't hate and gag over. So this is a scan of the pencil tonals I did for the Star Wars painting I did a while back. I scanned it and printed it to have alongside the painting so I have an idea of the value scheme I wanted for the piece always in mind. And yeah, this tonal work is lying under the painting so it's gone. Like I said, not very efficient and not very professional. Pretty silly uh? For the artists out there, what are your "priorities" to a preliminary painting? Do you have a set procedure? Anyways, have a fantastic weekend folks and have an uber cool week!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

C.R.A.P Print: The Inspiration

Hey guys and gals! Thanks for checking out the site and leaving the super cool comments! Nice to know that people are still coming by and checking out the stuff, so I'll try my best in posting new stuff.(Or at least post something. ;)) I finally received my copies of the Family Guy C.R.A.P art piece I contributed to last year. Chris Jackson up at ACME did a wonderful job in producing these prints. So my hats off to the guys up there for doing this. So my theme for the last two posts have been about process. So what the heck does this have to do with it you ask? Well, this piece got me interested again in creating "robotic" elements to my paintings, something that I've been delving in and out of the last few years. And having to draw hundreds of pages of X-Wings and AT-AT walkers the last few years has kept me in that "technical" mindset, at least subconsciously. A lot of my compositions, I'm noticing, has that feel of "mechanism" to them. Didn't really notice that until now....hmm... kinda wierd. Anyways, I was commissioned to do a piece for Iron Man particularly because of this piece. And a big thanks to my pal Jason Weitzner for showcasing a lot of my work out there, so thank you sir! So on retrospect, all those weekends sit bent over the dining table working on this thing was a cool thing. Sigh. Hard to believe it was already over a year ago. I guess time flies when you're drawin'. Have a great week bloggers!