Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adam Strange

Toonboom has been a really cool software that's been great for drawing storyboards, but recently, I've just been doodling whenever time allows at the office, trying to sketch my own stuff, things that I would normally do in my sketchbook you know? It looks a bit clunky and the rendering is choppy since I'm using non-textured brushes, which means that it's like drawing with a sharpie. There are textured brushes that look more like pencils, but it just seems to slow the whole program down with the file size, so I've been avoiding it. As far as subject, Adam Strange. What more is there to say except that this character just ROCKS! Hope to do more of a finished piece with this guy in the future. Two posts in one week? Who would have thought! Take care guys!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Things have been normalizing a bit at the office, meaning the deadlines aren't by the minute as it was the last few weeks, so life has been good. I had a few minutes alone with my nifty cool toonboom program on my cintiq, so I doodled this one with a few minutes to spare before a meeting. Wacky looking, but it was fun doing something stylistically different with the program than the normal daily duties. And don't ask me what he's holding onto there. I have no clue. Hope you bloggers are having an awesome week! Until the next post!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Finally a chance to post! Hope all of you have been well. I'm always trying to aim toward posting a bit more cosistantly, but with the hefty workload at the office and coming home exhausted and with only an hour or 2 before bedtime to spare, I've been opting lately toward spending it with the wife and daughter reading and watching movies. Yesterday though, I had a chance one late night do some doodling and I grabbed this warped out cardboard backing for one of my daughters' drawing pad. The character Deadman has always fascinated me cause, honestly I really don't know what the whole thing about him is. All I know is that the dude looked so freakin' cool I always kept him as a character in mind to draw someday. It wasn't easy, I'll tell ya, trying to draw with the cardboard flexing one way and the other, and the texture of the paper...let's put it this way, don't know if I'll go through that path again. But it was fun. Slapped some crude crayon finish over the pens and there you have it. Hopefully I'll get to do a more finished piece for the guy when chance allows. Peace!