Monday, July 27, 2009

Action Comics #1

Morning Bloggers! Came back from a crazy weekend at the San Diego Comic con with the family. It was good to meet some friends and artists, and occasional celebrities like Jon Favreau in front of the uber cool Iron Man suits talking about the next movie, all in one giant room! Awesome. I'm not sure the wife really dug it though, and it's understandable. With the claustraphobia from millions of people packed into a tiny square footage, and nothing but comics and superheroes bombarding you whereever you go, you'd have to be really into that or you won't be having a good time. She was a good sport in just following me around the convention, just doing my geeky thing. Next year, I might have to book a hotel room for her to stay in while I attend. Gotta put that on my list. So this piece was a painting I did for our quarterly Family Guy art show with a theme, "Greatest Moments in History". And the only thing that stuck out in my mind was Action Comics #1.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Logan 3: What I'll be feeling like on that freeway tonight...

Believe it or not guys, as much of a fan as I am of Logan(as you can tell by the number of posts recently), I have not seen the new movie yet. Not because of the reviews, but because I simply haven't had the time. And when there is time, I've been inclined to watch a movie with my wife and daughter, and I don't think Wolverine is on the top of their list. Sigh. Someday. I'm totally amped about the 4th of July weekend as everyone of you guys I'm sure are, but I'm not lookin' forward to that drive on the freeway tonight on the way home. My wife was kind of enough to let me borrow her IPod which is holdin' a ton of cool little podcasts, so hopefully I can retain some kind of sanity during my 2 hour drive back.(I'm guesstimatin'). And there goes my last attempt of the week into the world of toonboom storyboard pro sketchin' for postin'. Thanks bloggers for checkin' out the site as always and have a safe and a kick ass holiday weekend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Do you guys remember this character back in the day? I don't really remember the story, but I do remember this cool looking design. I have no idea why I was thinking of the guy today, but I decided to use the toonboom program again to do a sketch and here is the product. No where near the coolness of the real book(if you guys get a chance take a look at the intricate artwork from that book. Simply amazing), but it was fun just doodling away, kind of that satisfaction of sketching in the back of class, oblivious to what the teacher was saying, but so tuned in at the same time. Know what I mean? Take care guys!