Friday, August 28, 2009

Wolverine in Vegas

Hey gang! Hope you guys are having a terrific creative week out there. Been relaxing in Las Vegas the last two days, getting a little bit of extra r&r relaxing in the pool and hitting the slots before heading back to work next week. Our family stayed at the Luxor hotel, and had a really great time there. Came in to the hotel room last night absolutely broke from the slots, penniless and depressed, thinking to myself why I was so incapabale of making any good moves in the bonuses that could have given me instead of 75, like 2000. Sigh. So depressed was I, that I grabbed a little notepad by the bed and with a hotel pen started doodling, just to stop thinking about the money I lost. If you notice on the upper left hand corner, there is a 9 to 7 written on it with some scribbles. That's my wife writing some info down while talking with the front desk. But all in all it was a heck of a lot of fun up there and feel refreshed mentally to get back into work mode again. See ya all in the next post!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Luke Skywalker: Tonals

Here's a scan of the preliminary pencil sketch of the painting I posted below. I used some ink washes for some dark shadows but it was mostly me hunched over the dining table, for a long time noodling pencil hatchings one after another. There were some hatching effects that got lost in the scan around the sun but it was good enough for the purpose of just having it as reference for the next stage of coloring it. I know, it's pretty wasteful cause a lot of this stuff just gets covered up. I guess I push this stage a bit farther for no reason except to just see as close as possible how it would look at the end. Not a really smart painter's mentality unfortunately. Sigh. I originally intended on this piece being a big poster piece with some extra images to support the composition, but it all came down to time. I only had a few hours and that's as far as I could go without being kicked out of the house. ;) Now that I've got the Star Wars bug out of me, I wonder what I should delve into next... Have a great week bloggers!