Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warm up: Wolverine

The mornings are crazy rough. I mean, the kids are crying for one reason or another, one's gotta be ready for school, while the wife and I have our own things to deal with. Sounds pretty normal you say? Yeah, but it's really tough trying to squeeze in any creativity in the middle of that. I really don' t know how some of you guys do it out there. They should write a book on this subject. Sometimes, like doing some excercises in the morning(which I should be doing like running says the wife) I often doodle out some sketches, with no purpose or reason and see where it goes. I think this started with a gesture of some line I thought looked like wild hair, and it became this guy. The important thing is to realize, for me, at the end of this is that number one, the drawing sucks. The work looks like some kid drew it in the back of class in junior high(no offense kids), composition and anatomy looks all over the place. But number two, it also means there are a lot of things to improve and learn, and that gets me excited. Totally pumped. (I'm forgetting to write about the hour or so of walking around depressed as if the world just ended) And that's how I begin my day with a joyful grin on my face to work. Thanks for helping me out Logan. Sorry for the mindless ramblings guys and I'll have something more coherent to talk about next week!